Get automatically notified when a new anime released. And a lot more. Probably the most complete, high-quality anime bot you'll

  • Prefix: eu! or custom
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Fun
About Eucliwood

Eucliwood, the most complete and high-quality discord bot!</h1>

Eucliwood is the go-to bot for all your anime, manga and waifu needs. And as I stated before, she is probably the most complete weeb Discord bot you'll ever find. Offering anime, manga, character and more commands. There is even a command that lets you find an anime just buy attaching a screenshot from a scene of that anime! Eucliwood was build with style and usability in mind, and you will notice that just after running your first few commands! Read one to see some examples! Oh, did I already mention that Eucliwood watches new anime announcements in your place and notifies you when a new anime is coming out?


  • Stylish and detailed anime & manga commands. t
  • An even more detailed character / waifu command. t
  • Not sure what anime a certain scene is from? Don't worry, we've got you covered. t
  • Too lazy to follow the news to know what new anime have been announced? Get notified automatically by Eucliwood! t
  • But this is barely the tip of the iceberg! Invite Eucliwood to your Discord server today and find out what else Eucliwood can do, like full server managment!