This bot can mod, play music, compile any programming language, search for information, speak, suggest, and many More!!! Invite

  • Prefix: R!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Fun


Hi there,

I am sayantan,the coder of Rovel Stars Botâ„¢

Hope my bot is working well on your server...


So what is Rovel Bot?

it's a bot with features you might have seen!!!

How do you use it?

Simple. You can use my bot by using the prefix R!

What are its commands?

Well this bot's is under development, so you might need to look here every month, we get at a new feature every month!!! The updated list of commands can be get by typing R!help

By the way we are showing some popular commands here.


Pings and gives the latency is the bot.


Says hi back


Makes the bot lol


Makes ur text look like codes


Makes ur text spoiled. Oof


Encrypts the given text. Hehe, no other person knows what's that.


Decrypts the text if u forgot the original one. Ooof


(Talk like a bot... Beep. Boop.)°=°


Vacuum cleaner for useless/useful messages on ur server. Min limit is 1 while max limit is 99 for deletion of messages.


Didn't u know ur username on bash console? We knew it!


Ringing/pinging others too wake up on discord (if he isn't sleeping)


Usage: R!lyrics Believer by Imagine Dragons Lyrics are taken so if the song isn't listed there, we can't help.


These commands are only allowed in nsfw channels. waifu neko hentai tits


eval & reval commands are meant for rovel sponsors, partners and our ROVEL DEVS. Dm us if u want partnership. We accept servers which have more than 100 members & bots which are in approved by any discord bots site (,,

If you want to join our ROVEL DEVS TEAM Click here:-

Music Player

Yes we do support MUSIC PARTY ON UR SERVER!!! And that too 24/7 !!!!! Ps. When music stops and everyone leaves the voice channel, bot too leaves ...

The commands are :- play search np v queue remove stop and much more!!! Type help if u ever forget any commands.


google for searching on Google without an API!!!

urban for searching on urban dictionary without an API!!! wiki for searching on Wikipedia without an API!!!

good ones... (Uses API)

meme this one uses an API sadly, but not from any site but our own project on GitHub!!! Woohoo! Gets a nice meme to get funny start of the day!!!

quote gets a nice quote to get fresh start of the day!!!


This one is every coder's FAVOURITE!!! AND YES WE HOST IT FOR FREE TOO!!!!

Sadly we don't think it's better to describe here since our help command describes it very nicely!!!

last words

We are an active group of coders who code everyday for our ROVEL BOT! Say thanks to everyone who helped our bot to get created! We won't get a database though, but if we get too popular with your help, we will surely host a database for you all for our CURRENCY! PS. Our bot can mod too.

And if someone breaks our tos, (see it by typing R!tos) we will backlist that user so they can't use our bot (but still our bot will see for slangs in their sentences and reply with a warning)


Create a channel named


And our bot will send Welcome messages as the same ones that discord sends as system logs.

thanks for joining our ROVEL team by using this bot.