eeveeBot is a bot that was made for eevee fans, but also has non-Eevee-related commands as well.

  • Prefix: eev
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: General
About eeveeBot

<html> <h4><b>eeveeBot</b> is a bot that I'm adding new commands to every week.</h4> <ul> <li>over 75 commands total</li> <li>avatar command, say command, poll with reactions command</li> <li>Roblox-related commands</li> <li>soundboard and music commands</li> <li>translate-to-furry command</li> <li>command to check yours or someones 'gay level'</li> <li>commands to hug, deathhug (sfw), and kiss members</li> <li>commands that return really cute pictures of Eevee and its Eeveelutions</li> <li>Pokémon reference command with all 890 Pokémon plus Mega/Gigantamax forms</li> <li>custom and random Pokémon fusion commands</li> <li>and other useful and fun commands</li> </ul> </html>