Server Bump

A bump bot designed to help grow your servers!

  • Prefix: sb!
  • Library:
  • Category: Bump
About Server Bump

Server Bump

  • Written in using Python 3.8.1
  • Note: Bot must be administrator to create a channel and manage its webhooks.
  • Extra: You can change its permission as long as it can manage channels + webhooks + send embeds, etc..


  • Created by Kai and Purple Guy!
  • Has basic/simple features and easy to use!
  • Designed to help grow your server(s)


  • sb!setdesc (sets your server's description)
  • sb!bump (bumps your server)
  • sb!repair (fixes missing requirements)
  • sb!forcefix (If sb!repair fails, this will force repair)
  • sb!bug [msg] (report a bug to the developers)
  • sb!devlog (check what updates are coming to the bot)


Join the discord server for more help! More features to come soon! Released on: 22/09/2020 You may not copy the bot logo.