A bot that makes the server more attentive and advanced.

  • Prefix: ? | Mention | Custom | /
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About Rvein

The default prefix is ? (Also Rvein has mention prefix) to execute commands type the prefix and then the command example: $invite

A few Features:

Moderation - You server gonna be so fair. You can ban, kick members to punish them with just a command with also optinal reason. You can give, remove roles from members and moreee

Administration - Custom Prefix System, Welcome System, Customizable Log channel, Autoroles (Human, bot), Suggestion Channel and more..

Custom Commands (Tags) -

Fun - When members says "why we should stay in this server" the answer is "we can use so manny funny commands with friends"

Utility - The best utility (misc) commands in rvein bot mmm a quick example: the best avatar command in rvein bot why? if user has gif pfp its giving gif link too also 1024p 2048p urls.

And moreee i cant type all of them because its so long...

If have any problems/suggestions/questions just join the support server and its done.