A fun bot that everyone will surely like!

  • Prefix: wm!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Fun
About Watermelon

WIP This bot is still in beta and will have some more features like moderation, etc etc. Please patiently wait for us to add new features in it.


wm!help Shows the help menu.
wm!ping Shows the latency of the bot.
wm!author Shows the author description.
wm!version Shows the current version of the bot.
wm!invite Invite the bot to your sevrer.

wm!meme Memes memes memes!
wm!joke Yes this bot can also joke.
wm!cat Shows a random picture of a cat (cute kittens right?)
wm!dog Same as the cat command but this shows the pic of a puppy.
And much More!

Do wm!help for the list of other commands!