A multipurpose bot with the main features being custom anime memes, read manga from discord (without any ads!), watch anime and

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About Animemes

The BEST anime bot with CUSTOM ANIME MEMES that are actually funny!!! No overused memes or copy pasta. The ultimate source for your anime/manga information, ratings, characters and much more!! AMAZING FEATURES prefix = .

  1. .animeme Custom made hilarious anime memes that are exclusive to this bot!!
  2. .watch one piece (.watch AnimeName) Command that lets you search and get a direct link of an anime's episode that you enter so you don't have to waste your time trying to search it!!
  3. .findanime code geass Finds you reviews and ratings of the anime!!
  4. .findmanga code geass Finds you reviews and ratings of the manga!!
  5. .meme Finds you a random meme that'll actually make you laugh
  6. .reddit Finds you a random reddit meme. Which might be funny. I mean it's reddit can't blame us..

There are a lot of other features which you'll absolutely love!! I'll list some of them below

  1. Server Moderation (welcome/kick/ban/mute)
  2. GLOBAL Currency system
  3. fun commands like .8ball .ratewaifu .kiss/hug/kill etc
  4. anime roleplay commands