BlitzCraft is an RPG Simulation bot. Collect resources, fight monsters and raid other players for gold.(Still in Beta)

  • Prefix: b!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Advertisement
About BlitzCraft


<center>The Best RPG Bot You Will Ever Find</center>

BlitzCraft is an RPG simulation Discord Bot. Craft items to help you survive, Raid and loot other players for gold, fight monsters, take down epic bosses, get your own little pets that have special abilities, Build your ultimate base, farms.<br> If You are having any issues in using the bot visit our Support Server


<center>How Do I Start Using BlitzCraft?</center>

To Start Using BlitzCraft You first need to Register yourself in the Bot by typing b!start

  • You Get A Welcome Bonus After Registering Which contains:
    • 10 Wood
    • 10 Rocks
    • 10 Iron
    • 10 Gold
    • 1 Diamond
  • Then You Are Good To Go

<center>Okay I Registered, But How do I get Resources?</center>

To Collect Resources you need to use the command b!explore and select the place you want to go to.<br> But before that you need to craft the required tool<br> Using b!craft<br> Crafting requires different resources like wood and iron<br> That is why we provide you with some resources in the start

<center>Okay, How Do I Get Gold?</center>

Ah, Gold! The most important resource in the bot You can get Gold by mining, by defeating Mobs encountered during exploration, by raiding other players, by selling your farm products and also some free methods (type b!help free for more information on this)

So that is it have fun ;-D

And Don't Forget to vote for me <br> PS: You get a free Rare Chest as a vote reward, type b!freechest after voting to claim it