Discythe is a bot that powers a game for you to glean, train, study and level up to become the best Scythe around.

  • Prefix: ! (customizable)
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Fun
About Discythe

Discythe - a new Discord bot

Official Site (discythe.com) | Invite the Bot | Join the Support Server

~ Basic Commands ~

Command ( {} = required, <> = not required) Description
!help Get a full list of all commands
!apply Run this once you add the bot to become a Scythe
!prefix <prefix> Change the prefix (this changes your personal prefix)
!support Join the official Discythe support server
!botinfo Learn more about the bot
!glean Glean people (Cooldown: 5 minutes)
!train Train to get stronger (Cooldown: 10 minutes)
!study Study to become more intelligent (Cooldown: 10 minutes)
!daily Collect your daily reward (Cooldown: 24 hours)
!shop (Coming Soon!) Shop for new robes and weapons
!info or !about <@mention> See information/stats on yourself or another user
!leaderboard {points, coins, strength, or intel} See a leaderboard based on the data you specified

~ Compete With Other Scythes ~</span>

Discythe - a new Discord bot

  • Collect the most of a category of items each month for special rewards!
  • View the leaderboards for the users with the most points, strength, coins, and intelligence.
  • Enter giveaways in the support server for chances to win big.

~ Get 24/7 Support ~

Join the Discythe support server for help when you need it, and also gain access to a friendly community, frequent giveaways, update information, and much more.

~ Discythe Premium ~

Want to further support the development and maintenance of Discythe? We've got a patreon page for that! Not only will you help support us, you will also receive various perks for doing so. Check it out at: https://patreon.com/discythe

Note: by default, Discythe will ask for administrator privileges. If you are not comfortable with this, the minimum requirements to use the basis of the Discythe bot are to have the send message, manage messages and embed links permissions.</span>