Easy Use Bot

Its a Multi-purpose bot like MEE6, but with NO COOLDOWN

  • Prefix: dc
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Fun
About Easy Use Bot

EASY USE BOT(NO Cooldown!, Multi-purpose)

Prefix is dc(customizable) ➡️➡️Are you Tired of looking through millions of bots to make a basic server?⬅️⬅️ Well look no further than The New Easy Use Bot!😁 With several every day commands put into one bot along side new commands that are MORE THAN ADDICTING to use!😲 Govern your server with basic moderation commands🛠 like ban or mute, or spice it up a little > with commands like tv, urban or gif for imdb, urban dictionary and giphy referances!🎉 Protect your server 🛡 from raid threats with an in-built and efficient captcha feature, or use meme commands to update your memelord personality!🤩 Awesome Features like:

🛠 Moderation Commands

🎵 Music Commands

🛡 Inbuilt Captcha System

🤪 Fun Commands

🎉 Giveaway Commands

-24/7 Uptime -Friendly Support Server -Regular Updates and maintenance -Animated Emojis -All this and is very Easy To Use! 🤯