Neko chxn

A Little Roleplay Bot whit alot of Features

  • Prefix: > / customizable
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Fun
About Neko chxn

Neko chxn Infos and More

Neko chxn is primarily a music, roleplay / fun bot.

The default prefix is >

You can easily change the prefix, with the Command >prefix


>prefix ~afnsf > Note: You have no limit on the characters in the prefix

Now the bot only reacts to ~afnsf

Command overview

> Note: For the Full command overview >help

The Help menu reacts to the reaction to the emojis!

Neko chan has the following categories:

  • Moderation
  • Anime Reaktion
  • YouTube Music [In Beta]
  • NSFW A total of over 50 commands > Note: Bot is in development

API and More

The images are issued by the Neko-chxn public API.

Neko-chxn Webpage

Neko-chxn Privacy Policy

Here is a list with all commands.


>skick @user use that, to Kick someone from your server

>ban @user use that to ban a user

>clear number Clear a amount of Massages

>preix Set Custom Prefix

delprefix Delete Custom Prefix


>slap @user Slap a firend

>poke @userPoke a User

>cuddle @userCuddle a User

>kiss @user kiss a User

>lick @userLick a User

>hug @userHug Someone

>bite @userBite Someone

>tickle @userTickle Someone

>pat @userpat Someone

>punch @userpunch Someone

>kick @userkick Someone

>kick @userlove Someone

>cry Cry

>blush Blush

>yell Yell

>smirk smirk

>happy be Happy


>cosplay Cosplay Image

>wallpaperRandom Wallpeper Image

>meme Get a Meme


>join Join Channel

>sloop Stop loop

>loop Loop Queue

>play yt-url Play Track | Atm only Links.

>stop Stop play Tracks

>shuffle Shuffel Queue

>queuec Clear Queue

>quit Quit Channel


>anal @userAnalfuck Someone

>blowjob @user get Blowjob

>fuck @user Fuck Someone

>pussylick @user Pussylick Someone

>yuri @user Yurifuck Someone

>yaoi @user Yaoi Someone

>solo make it alone

>hentai Random Hentai Gif

>hentaipic Random High Quallitiy Image

>lewdholo Lewd Hologirl/VTuber

>cosplay Cosplay

>trap Trap Pic


Q: Is Neko chxn 24/7 Online?

A: Yes Neko chxn is 24/7 online. I host my bot Professionally on an IPad Air

Q: Why should I use the bot?

A: Very good question. Unfortunately, I can't answer that. My bot is just like 90% of all bots, the only difference being that mine has its own API and read out your ban list in order to set up a troll protection later, which is then given to you via a web interface.

Q: Where can I have my saved data deleted?

A: [email protected]