Your classic Anime bot, but better, and hotter. Automatic notifications about new anime and episode releases, games, ...

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  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Fun
About Elaina


If reading isn't your thing, or you're a straight-to-the-point kind off person. Here's a (very) brief recap: Stylish, simple, intuitive, supports laziness, games, anime. If that convinced you, invite Elaina now!


Elaina is built with simplicity and usability in mind, without sacrificing functionality. With intuitive commands, you can swiftly switch from an anime you searched for with the /anime command to more specific information about a character of that anime with the /character command (In contrast to other bots, we provide you with additional information about a character. In a non-obtrusive manner, of course). Elaina

Built for lazy people

Elaina And that isn't a bad thing, on the contrary. Whenever and wherever a new anime gets announced, Elaina will notify you and your server automatically. So you don't have to. You won't have this feature with other bots! Told you being lazy wasn't a bad thing, right?

And the cliche, but nevertheless, correct phrase. There's more...

Let us recap: Elaina forwards requested information in, probably, the most intuitive way, pleases to the eye (:wink:) and allows you to be lazy. If that isn't the recipe for a bot you absolutely need in your server, then-frankly- I don't know what is. But, there's more! Elaina will also cater to your nerdy needs! You can compete against friend and foe alike in one of the games Elaina offers, like Guess That Character (/gtc).


You are given a picture of a character of one of the top shows, and you have to guess their name! With only 3 tries and 20 seconds, can you do it? (My highest rating is ~1900, I doubt you'll be that good though ;D)

If that convinced you, invite Elaina now!