An actual multipurpose application that features randomization capabilities, utility, games, statistics and many more!

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  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: General
About Randomizer

Randomizer is a powerful multi-purpose bot, no like an actual multi-purpose bot. Randomizer features a variety of commands, consisting of: Games, Fun, Utility, Random Generations, and many more to come.

General / Main

These are the main features of Randomizer. These features consist of: • Random Word • Random Color • Random Number • Random Values • Random Anime • Random Quote • Randomize • And More! All of these command correlate to the bot's name (Randomizer). Randomize. These features give a random result that corresponds to the function of the command.


Want to play a game but inside Discord? Chances are you do! Randomizer has incorporated some common games into its functionality; these games are simple-to-use and require no setup whatsoever! Are you that person who spends 6+ hours setting something up but you wasted so much time setting it up? We feel you, Randomizer's games are automatically configured for you.


View your overall Hypixel statisics alongside the server's! Find out your experience or even another player's experience and other interesting information without physically logging onto the server. Figure out if the server is full or even offline.

  • Skyblock
  • Skywars
  • Bedwars
  • Murder Mystery

These features are completely free and require no form of subscription.


Have to many skins or even buddies but can't decide which one to use. Your worries are gone now, Randomizer now supports Valorant randomization starting from agents to weopon buddies! You are now able to retrieve a random:

  • Skin
  • Agent
  • Map
  • Weopon
  • Buddy
  • etc!


Utility Commands are powerful commands; they are not favorited by many, but we'll make you favor ours. View your Server Statistics, User Information, Total Server Bans, and a simple-to-use calculator, and an emoji stealer.


Randomizer is a actual multi-purpose bot that serves different functionality for all types of users. Randomizer is actively being maintained and updated, meaning that you can expect new features weekly. Last of all, it's COMPLETELY FREE... We do not lock our commands and require users to pay to use them; we want to provide features that deserve to be free for free.


Voting is NOT required or mandated, but it is highly appreciated. Links Support Server Bot Invite Developer Policies