Aqua Bot

Aqua Bot is a great multipurpose discord bot that offers moderation, gambling, and economy system, and much more!

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  • Category: Utility
About Aqua Bot

Aqua Bot

Aqua Bot is a multipurpose Discord bot with tons of features.

  • 🗡️ Moderation
  • 🦠 Covid Stats
  • 💰 Gambling
  • ✨ Leveling
  • 🎵 Music
  • 💸 Economy

Some commands include: blackjack, slots, covid, kick, ban, mute, tempmute, purge, setlevel, setjoin, profile, shop, and much much more! To get started simply use /help within your server in order to see a full list of commands and features.

# Not only do we offer tons of features, but we also support the open source community by constantly uploading our code to github, which can be found here - feel free to download the project and fit it to your needs, or use it for free by inviting Aqua Bot to your server.

Thank you for checking out Aqua Bot, hope you enjoy!