Aiming to equip servers with countless and high-quality commands.

  • Prefix: r!
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  • Category: Utility
About RetrievalBot

Hello there!

Are you…

  • looking for a fun bot.
  • wanting to learn something new.
  • wanting to search for statistics.
  • to equip your server with daily-feeds.
  • & more…?

If yes, please give our bot a test. Our bot provides high-quality commands for your server members to use and interact with. Here are some examples…

  • Display the Astronomy Picture of The Day (APOD!).
  • Get a detailed weather report of anywhere in the world!
  • Generate sudoku games and mazes!
  • Search COVID-19 statistics for any country in the world, including vaccination statistics.
  • Search for definitions, synonyms and antonyms for words.
  • Display statistics of any NBA player.
  • Get the approx. location of the ISS!
  • Get statistics for Minecraft, Reddit and YouTube accounts, posts and videos.
  • Search Wikipedia and UrbanDictionary.
  • Get information on any element in the periodic table. and lots more other features.

If there are any issues with the bot, please join our support server by running the support command.