Gecko is a multi-purpose moderation-utility bot, highly customizable.

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About Gecko


Gecko is a multi-purpose moderation bot.

Games, Music and a lot of staff functions are supported.
/(auto)translate can make your community international.
Use /help in bot for detailed help.

NOTE Gecko supports prefix commands for very few commands, as listed in /help.


Various TruckersMP functions are supported for VTCs!
Including traffic / player lookup, HR mode, VTC info / member / events, and get updates when members come online!
Find out more by /help truckersmp

Gecko Ranking

Rankcard supports any background image from the web! For free!
Also support level role

Gecko Games

Finance - earn coins by checking in daily and working
Connect Four - chess game where two players battle
Message Encrypt & Decrypt I consider this a game - Send a encrypted message and only he / she can decrypt.

Gecko Music

Not only music, but also radio!
274 radio stations are supported, and you can request your desired station to be added.

Gecko Poll

Polls can be sent across servers!

Gecko Ticket

Create multiple tickets, with different moderators handling different kinds of tickets!
Ticket conversation is stored so you can download it at any time!

Gecko Suggestion

Accept suggestions and improve the server!
Receive upvotes and downvotes, export all suggestions with one command!

Staff Functions

Button - Create buttons of any kind, the layout and interaction are fully customizable! The interaction could be linked to simple text messages, embed messages or forms.
Embed - Create and post embeds, the URL, thumbnails, images, footers etc are all customizable. Embeds are stored in the database and can be recovered at any time in case they are deleted accidentally.
Form - Create forms with at most five input fields, which can be either a multi-line text box or a single-line input. Submissions will be updated in a staff channel and you can download all entries with one command.
Chat Action - Auto Mod Delete Message / Timeout / Kick / Ban | Autorole Add role when user join | Autoreply Send message / embed / Add reaction to message | All-in-one function, only need keywords to run, check /help chat for more info.
Voice Channel Recorder - Record all the speakers separately, to save a meeting or an interview.
Reaction Role - Assign members a role when they react an emoji.
Server Stats - Based on variables, fully customizable!
Staff Management - Administrative and non-administrative staff, and a staff list for users to know the real staff.
Event Logging - Log all kinds of events happening in your server.

Gecko Community: discuss, submit feedbacks and share your ideas.

One more thing

All Gecko functions are free at the moment, some functions will become premium-only when we reach 100 guilds. But the first 100 guilds will receive 1 year free premium!

Some screenshot

Rank card TruckersMP