A way to connect communities. Grant roles to your members based on their custom status.

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  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About StatusPlus

Hey, are you looking for a Discord Bot that grants roles to YOUR Members based of their Custom Status?

Well look no more! StatusPlus is here to provide you that feature and many more soon. Nonetheless, StatusPlus will allow you to grant roles, role management, to your Members if they input a specific "keyword" in their custom status. You can control what that "keyword" is and also the "roles".

How does it work?

Server Owners will be able to configure 99% of the bot, enabling/disabling the bot, the role, the text or "keyword" and many more! Once the bot has been fully configured, the bot will now handle it's task... Granting the configured role set to Members that have the configured "keyword" in their Custom Statuses.

Why should I choose this bot?

You should use this bot because it is one of many, it has an reliable uptime, customizable, new features, and it's FREE!


StatusPlus has an uptime of %99.9. The bot is online, everyday, every hour, 24/7! There are rare causes of downtime and even if the bot is undergoing downtime, you will still be able to use the bot with no issues.


StatusPlus is very customizable because everyone has different communities and every community is not the same. The Developer of StatusPlus has kept this in mind, so we can serve different communities at the same time. Nonetheless, you are able to configure every command whether that is enabling or disabling the feature for some time, selecting your role, and creating the text you want your members to input!

New Features

StatusPlus is receiving new features daily meaning, less bugs, new ways to connect your communities and ease your staff with the easy tasks. You can receive intel on new features within our Support Server.


99% of the bot's features are completely free to all meaning everyone can have the same experience with no issues.

We value every single user who has invited the application to their communities and trusted us with their members, thank you!


StatusPlus has a Support Server that you can request new features, commands, ideas, etc and also to receive the help you need.