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N/A NakCute
Library: discord.js

Prefix: m!

Status: Approved

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Modo is a bot that basicly sets your discord server and moderation


What is Modo? Modo is a bot wich helps you with daily discord things such as your rules or even sets up roles for you automatically this is a good feature we have and will update it constantly, though we have other commands such as Moderation cmds for example ban kick and so forth, we also have a support server wich you could join to see the daily updates and the bugs with the bot, we would also do Monthly nitro giveaways on the support server, thanks for using Modo, the preifx is m! Make sure to do m!help to get started, also bot dosent need admin perms so it can't actually delete your server and it isn't a raid

Owners: 408756398290239488, 296221250785771520



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