A Never-Seen before Powerful Economic and Multipurpose Bot Done the Right Way

  • Prefix: x
  • Library: Other
  • Category: Economy
About AxeOn

AxeOn is a powerful discord bot with an amazing and never seen before economy with its own Pokémon-like world called Axe Universe where Axuns, the creatures, can be found. • AxeOn also has many utility commands such as AFK, Timers, Sniping, Calculator and much more! We also provide popular games such as tic-tac-toe for our members to enjoy straight from Discord. ~ On top of that, we have a powerful welcome/goodbye message system that is faster than MEE6 along with a counting service. ~ Finally, this bot has an active community and is constantly being improved + worked on. Your suggestions are very appreciated and we love to give a warm welcome to our new users! • What are you waiting for? Either play a powerful economy, moderate your server, go afk, or play some games, AxeOn has it all!