Multi-Persona 😳 AI Assistant for Creating MidJourney Images via SDXL, Kandinsky, and More!

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About PrismGPT

Introducing PrismGPT - Your Advanced, Multipurpose Discord Assistant Bot.

Discover PrismGPT, the next-generation assistant bot for Discord that's equipped with artificial intelligence, enabling it to understand language prompts and respond intelligently. It offers a multitude of advanced features designed to enhance user experience and performance.

Outstanding Features

  • Swift Image Generation: Watch as PrismGPT instantly generates remarkable-quality images. You need only to command /imagine and watch magic unfold.
  • Friendly Chat with PrismGPT: Communicate efficiently with PrismGPT using the /toggleactive command.
  • YouTube Video Summarization: Utilize OpenAI's models to bring any YouTube video down to a concise summary. All you need is to drop your link inside the /yt-summarize command.
  • And much more! Boost your interactive experience, invite PrismGPT to your server and use /help to unveil the full list of commands!

Start the PrismGPT Journey Today!

  1. Enjoy the benefits of PrismGPT by clicking the invite button or visiting:, and add it to your server.
  2. Once PrismGPT becomes an integral part of your server, run /help to explore the list of commands!

List of PrismGPT Commands:

  • /toggleactive: Activate or deactivate channels for PrismGPT.
  • /help: Discover all other commands.
  • /imagine: Create art by generating an image using SDXL, Kandinsky, Deliberate, and so much more.
  • /remix` : Performs image remix using controlnet
  • /ping: Receive an instant "Pong" response from the bot.
  • /clear: Refresh your message history.
  • /gif: Showcase random images or GIFs depicting a neko, waifu, husbando, kitsune, and other interactions.
  • /ask: Engage with several LLM models like GPT-4, Bard, and LLaMA.
  • /yt_summarize: Produce a brief of a YouTube video using GPT-3.5-13k models.
  • /upscale: Increase the resolution of an image.
  • /describe: Course images into decipherable words that ChatGPT can understand.
  • /remove-bg: Erase the background of an image.

Connect & Learn More

Join the PrismGPT's support server for news updates, professional help, bug reporting, and requesting notable features.