Pro Moderation

Welcome to pro moderation your all in one moderation bot for all you need's

  • Prefix: /
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About Pro Moderation

Say hello to Pro Moderation we are a moderation bot, here’s what we offer.

💻 Features

(+) A moderation system with banning, timeout, kicking.

(+) A roblox warning manager (In progress)

(+) A ticket system in the work’s

(+) A promotion and demoting command for your roblox need’s and other need’s.

(+) Perk’s for server partner’s

(+) An audit log for roblox moderation, server moderation and a lot more (In progress)

(+) And a lot more coming

📖 What’s next

(+) A dashboard for the bot

(+) A ticket system to handle all your server need’s

(+) Maybe support for other game’s

(+) Community features

We are currently still working on the bot and we release update’s a lot to stay tuned join our server with our server invite link. We hope to see you using our bot and having fun in our server.