Cyberblox: The New Roblox to discord Verification + More!

  • Prefix: /
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Utility
About Cyberblox

What Is Cyberblox?

Cyberblox is a Roblox-Discord Bot with much more than the standard verification, featuring lots of commands to help your group for free. Most features provided by Cyberblox have never been seen on a Roblox-Discord Bot before!


Cyberblox Information Commands:

  • /vote -vote for Cyberblox!
  • /ping -Get Cyberblox's current ping!
  • /invite -Add Cyberblox to your server!
  • /help -Get helpful information about Cyberblox!

Verification Commands:

  • /verify [username] -Verify your Roblox account on Discord!
  • /unverify -Un-link your Roblox account with Cyberblox!
  • /update -Update all of your roles in a server!

Roblox Information Commands:

  • /getassetinfo [assetid] -Check information on a Roblox asset!
  • /groupinformation [groupid] -Get information about a Roblox group!
  • /resaledata [assetid] -Get the resale data of a roblox Limited or Limited U item.
  • /robloxinformation [username/userid] -Get information about a player on Roblox!
  • /badgeinformation [badgeid] -Get information about an experience's badge on Roblox!

Setup Commands:

  • /statchannels -Set up member counting channels in your server!
  • /linkgroup [groupid] [updateroles] -Link a Roblox group to your Discord server!
  • /logschannel [channel] -Setup a logs channel for Cyberblox to send logs to!
  • /toggleverification [Enabled/Disabled] -Toggle automatic verification in your server!
Get Support!

We understand that learning new things may be challenging. Like most Discord bots, we offer free support to all users!