Dank Utilities

Utility bot packed with features!

  • Prefix: /
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Utility
About Dank Utilities

Dank Utilities Bot is currently being built but there's a range of activities and other commands to try out in the meantime! (Online status may differ due to regular maintenance)

Introducing Dank Utilities Bot, a versatile and powerful Discord bot designed to enhance your server experience with advanced moderation, a wide range of features, and extensive customization options. Dank Utilities Bot ensures both a safe and enjoyable environment for all server members.

First and foremost, Dank Utilities Bot prioritizes moderation. It incorporates automated moderation tools, anti-spam filters, to safeguard your server against unwanted behavior and malicious activities.

Moreover, Dank Utilities Bot boasts an array of other remarkable features. It supports a variety of moderation commands, such as warning, kicking, banning and more, ensuring smooth server moderation. The bot also facilitates engaging interactions with features like giveaways, activities and games, enabling lively conversations and encouraging member participation.

Dank Utilities Bot versatility extends to its customization options, allowing you to personalize the bot's behavior, appearance, and permissions to align with your server's unique requirements.

In summary, Dank Utilities Bot is an all-in-one solution for your Discord server, providing a secure environment, and a vast array of features to enrich your community's experience. With its extensive customization options, it adapts effortlessly to your server's needs.