Adopt Me Values

Adopt Me Values Bot

  • Prefix: ?
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Gaming
About Adopt Me Values

Adopt Me Pet Values Bot that has accurate and updated values! We use frost dragon values in the bot to make Adopt Me! trading experience easier for you to become a better Adopt Me! trader. ➥ Always UPDATED Values! ⏰ ➥ Legendary Pets Values ✅ ➥ Eggs Values ✅ ➥ Toys/Items Values ✅ ➥ Vehicles Values (Coming soon!)

  • Commands: ?petname - to see the pet value! 🤖 (eg. ?shadowdragon ?batdragon ?giraffe ?frostdragon etc.) ?itemname - to see the item value! 🤖 (eg. ?candycannon ?tombstone etc.) ?help - to see all help commands! 🤖 ?updates - to see latest bot updates! 🤖

Adopt Me Values are set by SmoBlox Squad. If you think values are wrong/outdated then join SmoBlox Squad Discord Server, share your experience & tell us, or join to meet SmoBlox and other YouTubers! We also have Adopt Me Trading section in the server! We'd be happy to have you either way! :)

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Made by SmoBlox YouTube: Tiktok: @SmoBloxYouTube Discord: @SmoBlox (Add me for bugs/issues)