The ultimate companion for blocking VPN's, alt-accounts, and more from entering your Discord server.

  • Prefix: !cf
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About Cordfence


Secure your Discord community with Cordfence, the ultimate solution made for server owners who demand the highest level of security. Safeguard your server from bots, alt-accounts, VPN's/Proxies and more. With this bot you can manage and setup everything via


  • Block Bots
  • Block Alt-Accounts
  • Block VPN's
  • Block Countries
  • Verify Users
  • Fully Customizable
  • Analytics

How it works: Everything can be controlled from our dashboard at, so no need to hassle with commands. Here, all the settings can be adjusted to your specific needs. Cordfence will create a custom invite link for you, which acts as a middleman for your Discord server.

How to get started:

  • Step 1: Add the Cordfence bot to your server
  • Step 2: Disable invite creation for all members
  • Step 3: Login to using Discord
  • Step 4: Copy your new server invite link

For a more detailed guide, please visit