This is a unique bot. This is an advanced queue system bot!

  • Prefix: /
  • Library: coxir
  • Category: Utility
About QueueMeta

There's are all the commands you need to know. If you want the more advanced version of this. Type /help . This is how it works. Whn you type /modal it giev you the model and whn you interact with started queue it started the queue and whn youn click on join queue you join the queue and the your name shows up on the imbed and whn you click on leave queue it remove you form the queue and then you can click on Refrech Queue and it updates the embed and whn you type /queueticket it open a queue Ticket with the admin at the 1st person in the queue and then it updates the queue and whn you click on close queue it closes the queue and goes back to the modal. 😀