Abuse was built for our servers and your servers alike

  • Prefix: -
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Music
About Abuse


Abuse is a server friendly Discord bot. He is full of Games and helpful commands for your server! Ranging from Moderation commands to Music commands, Abuse has it all. </br>The prefix is changeable via command. </br>The commands below use the default prefix for abuse '-'


Command Description Examples
-8ball Ask the magic 8ball a question. -8ball
-abuse Stop the abuse. -abuse
-hello Say hello to Abuse. -hello
-hug Send a hug to a friend. -hug
-kitten Put a smile on your face with cute kittens. -kitten
-l Hand someone a fat L with this command. -l
-meme Get some quality meme content. -meme
-poke Send a poke to a friend. -poke
-puppy Put a smile on your face with cute puppies. -puppy
-roll Roll a dice. -roll
-russianroullete Will you die or live pull the trigger and find out. -russianroullete
-sausage Shows the size of your sausage. -sausage
-say Abuse will repeat after you. -say
-ship See how much two people love each other! -ship


Command Description Examples
-loop Toogles loop of queue. -loop
-nowplaying Displays what is playing now. -nowplaying
-pause Pause the music that is currently playing. -pause
-play Plays music of your liking. -play
-queue Displays the queue of music. -queue
-remove Removes song from queue. -remove
-resume Resumes the current music. -resume
-search Plays music of your liking with selection. -search
-shuffle Shuffles the queue. -shuffle
-skip Skips to the next song in the queue. -skip
-stop Stops all music playing and clears the queue. -stop
-trending Shows most liked videos. -trending
-volume Changes the volume of the music playing. -volume


Command Description Examples
-config Set config of a guild. -config
-setprefix Sets the prefix for the guild. -setprefix
-setbio Set the bio on your profile. -setbio
-setcustomembedcolor Set the embed hex color code for a user. -setcustomembedcolor
-setembedcolor Set the embed hex color code for a user. -setembedcolor


Command Description Examples
-balance Shows current balance of money left.