A fun/utility bot with server moderation, League of Legends commands, Reddit, jokes, custom games and more.

  • Prefix: $
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  • Category: Utility
About AlphaBot

<h2>A fun/utility bot with server moderation and games.</h2>

<h2>Notable commands:</h2>

<h3>Server Moderation:</h3>

  • Spam/mass ping detectors
  • Purging channels
  • Mute, tempmute, kick and ban commands
  • Message logging
  • Muted users trying to quit and rejoin the guild to evade mute? Nice try bro
  • Self-assignable roles


  • Search Reddit, Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia, Google, etc.
  • Information on a role, server or user
  • Random number generator
  • Science related jokes, roasts and pickup lines
  • Timers and stopwatches
  • Tarot cards and fortune cookies

<h3>League of Legends:</h3>

  • Get information on a summoner
  • Browse recent games from a summoner


  • A custom game ("Pineapple Fight") created by the devs
  • Russian roulette
  • The ability to rob or give other people pineapples
  • More to come

The bot will react a pineapple on random messages and the first user to react on the pineapple "collects" it. This is disabled by default but can be enabled. Other ways of earning pineapples include winning in pineapple fights and surviving in Russian roulette. More games to come.