All in one Bot with Bump Advertise. Loaded with 75+ Commands

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About Krypto

Auto-Moderation: Toggle Bad Word, Discord Invite, External Link, and Spam Mention Auto-Moderation in Specific Channel, Auto-Role, as well as Logs for Moderation & Join/Leave.

Entertainment Commands: Meme, Phone Calls, Dice Roll, Coin Flip, & Words of Wisdom (8-Ball)

Music Commands: Play, Queue, Join, Pause, Resume, Skip, Stop, & Queued

Moderation Commands: Kick, Ban, Mute, Unmute, Warn, Clear, Report, Rolemenu (Similar to YAGPDB), and Many More!

Stats & Information: Commands to Show Information on a Member, Channel, or Role as well as Detailed Server Stats.

Bump Advertise: Bump Server in Discord Distribution & Servers with Bump Setup.