Ever wanted to play Beyblade on Discord? Then this bot is for you. Begin your journey to become a master blader with Beycord.

  • Prefix: ;
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: General
About Beycord

>IMPORTANT: Beycord is still in early development stage and there's a problem in JSON which will cause corruption in your data such as the Bey(s) you collect. There's a backup feature now but don't expect all of your data will be backed up since it'll only backup your data once an hour. The developer is getting an actual database so you'll expect this bug to be fixed next month. -SunSOG 4/5/19

What does Beycord have?

Collect all the Beys as they spawn! <img src=";&gt; Your own blader profile. <img src=";&gt; How can a Bey exists without Beyblade battles? So go battle your friends as you chat! <img src=";&gt; You'll gain EXPs as you chat. When you reached a certain amount of EXPs, you'll level up. <img src=";&gt; and much more!

How to begin with Beycord?

It's easy just follow the steps below.

  1. Type <code>;start</code>.
  2. Follow what it tells you to do in the returned message.
  3. Done! You can begin your journey to become a Master Blader.
  4. For a list of commands, type <code>;help</code>

Tips to grow your stats

Try to upvote the bot every 24 hours and do the command <code>;daily</code> to gain a certain amount of EXPs and coins. You can also upvote the bot if you want to help grow the bot's popularity. Besides, try to talk as much as you can with people in a server with Beycord in it. On the other hand, try to keep up to the newest code that the developer puts out and claim it as quickly as possible as it will expires after a certain amount of time and it gives you a lot of stats. Join the support server of Beycord by clicking here because codes are usually posted on there if not on the developer's social media.