A multipurpose bot with memes, music and other fun commands.

  • Prefix: o! (customizable)
  • Library: JDA
  • Category: General
About MysticOverBot

MysticOverBot Commands V.2.1.0

Util Commands

o!help: Shows help message 

o!ping: Shows Bot Latency
o!botinfo: Gives you all the bot's info and Links to the hideout, patreon and bot
o!serverinfo: Gives you all the numbers on your server
o!uinfo: Gives your own or someone else's UserInfo
o!invite: Gives bot invite, server invite and patreon link
o!update: Gives you the most recent changes to the bot
o!embed: Embeds the given Message
o!avatar: Gives you your own or someone else's Avatar
o!suggest: Make a difference to the bot by suggesting new features you want to see in the bot

Fun Commands

o!dice: Throws the dice for a number of 2-12
o!cat: Gives you cats
o!dog: Gives you dogs
o!Joke: I get a Joke from reddit(not always good source might change)
o!Say: I will repeat your input
o!loveship: See if it will work out with your true love
o!8ball: ask me a question and i'll answer
o!fortune: Eat a fortune cookie!
o!randomfact: Get a random "useless" fact
o!dailyfact: Get the Fact of the Day "also useless"
o!google: Google something
o!tobinary: Turns the given number into a binary number

Music Commands 

o!join: i'll join your voicechannel
o!disconnect: i'll leave the channel
o!play: Searches and plays given son
o!clear: Clears the queue
o!pause: pauses/resumes the queue playback
o!queue: displays queue
o!skip: skips current song
o!playing: displays the currently playing song
o!remove: removes a song in the queue
o!replay: restarts the current track from 00:00

Interactive Commands

o!battle: Deathmatch between two users!
o!choose: Give me 2 words or statements separated by 'or' and i choose one
o!cry: show them how you feel
o!smile: You are happy!
o!shoot: Shoot anybody in the server
o!facepalm: show them you're dissapointed!
o!punch: Punch anybody in the server
o!run: Run away!
o!loveship see if it works out!
o!say: make me say something!

Meme Commands

For any meme use o!meme!
Following subreddits are available to get memes from:

o!adviceanimal -> r/AdviceAnimals
o!assholedesign -> r/assholedesign
o!comedyheaven -> r/comedyheaven
o!crappydesign -> r/CrappyDesign
o!dankmeme -> r/dankmemes
o!deepfriedmeme -> r/DeepFriedMemes
o!funny -> r/funny
o!gatekeeping -> r/gatekeeping
o!historymeme -> r/HistoryMemes
o!ihadastroke -> r/ihadastroke
o!ihavereddit -> r/ihavereddit
o!meirl -> r/meirl
o!memeeconomy -> r/MemeEconomy
o!mildlyinfuriating -> r/mildlyinfuriating
o!onejob -> r/OneJob
o!rareinsult -> r/rareinsults
o!wholesomememe -> r/wholesomememes
o!discordmeme -> r/Discordmemes
o!comedycemetery -> r/ComedyCemetery
o!blursedimage -> r/BlursedImages

Mod Commands

o!kick: kicks specified user
o!ban: bans specified user
o!unban: unbans specified user or userid
o!prune: clears specified amount of messages
o!prefix: changes the server prefix
o!reportbug: report a bug in the bot
o!mutesetup: Set up a "Muted" role
o!nick: Change a given Users Nickname
o!nicklog: Activates/Deactivates the nickname log
o!swearfilter: Activates/Deactivates the swear filter
o!log: Activates/Deactivates the Message log
o!warn: Warn a user
o!warnings: show the total warnings of a user