A fun and moderation bot for all!

  • Prefix: b?
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: General
About Boteroni

Boteroni is a bot developed by me and a couple of friends. It is currently still in development but is out for people to use.

This bot will go under development a couple times a week so expect downtimes every now and then.

Status page:

Developers: WhiteRider#0428, Youngunz#7340, bakzkndd#0979.

Language: JavaScript, made with discord.js

Prefix: b?, customizable using b?setprefix (prefix)


Staff/admin commands:

b?say Says want you want b?ban Bans a member b?kick Kicks a member b?warn Warns a member b?mute Mutes a member b?unmute Unmutes a member b?unban Unbans a member b?clear Place a number after and you got your self a clear command! b?lockdown Locks channel! b?setprefix Changes server perefix! b?esay Embeded say b?poll Starts a poll b?unlock Unlocks the channel b?removerole Removes a role from a member b?addrole Adds a role to a member b?event Makes an event poll b?giveaway Makes a giveaway

Fun/member commands

b?help Gets the list of commands b?credits Copyight info and credits b?updates Shows you updates b?ping Shows the bot ping and API ping b?invite Invite the bot! b?support Gets you a link to the support server b?botinfo Info about the bot b?userinfo Info about the pinged user b?8ball 8ball choice b?avatar shows a users profile pic b?level Shows your current level/rank b?rps Rock paper scissors b?serverinfo Shows the server info b?quiz Quiz questions about many topics! b?dadjoke Some really cringe jokes b?version Shows the bots version b?meme Makes a meme b?uptime Shows the bots uptime b?yomama Yomama jokes

Economy commands Under development