A multi purpose discord bot!

  • Prefix: - [CUSTOMISABLE]
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: General
About Micro

Information Discord: https://discord.gg/xZMRRGr Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Micro_Bot Administration setprefix - Set the prefix of the server. announce - Announce something with Micro. lockdown - Locks down the current channel. unlockdown - Unlocks the current channel. kick - Kicks the specified user. ban - Bans the specified user. mute - Mutes the specified user. unmute - Unmutes the specified user. purge - Purges the chat. say - Say something with Micro. Role Management addrole - Adds a role to the specified user. removerole - Removes a role from the specified user. createrole - Creates the specified role. delrole - Deletes the specified role. roleinfo - Gives role info about the specified role. Channel Management createchannel - Creates the specified channel. delchannel - Deletes the specified channel. (without #) channelname - Changes the current channel name. channeltopic - Changes the current channel topic. Server Infomation emojis - See the servers emojis. prefix - See the prefix of the server. serverinfo - Gives you the server info. servericon - Gives you the server icon. membercount - Gives you the membercount. invites - Gives you all of the invites of the server. Tickets new - Open a support ticket close - Close the ticket. add - Add someone to a ticket. Bot Infomation credits - See all the people who make Micro Possible. upvote - Upvote the bot! botinfo - Gives you info about the bot. stats - Gives you stats about the bot. uptime - Gives you the uptime of the bot. help - Gives you help about the bot. ping - Checks the ping of the bot. Other encode - Encodes specified message. decode - Decodes your encoded message. remind - Set a reminder. qrcreate - Creates a QR-code for you. hastebin - Creates a hastebin link for you. Verification verify - Verifies you into the server. s-verify - A command which staff can use to verify mentioned users. User Interaction avatar - Shows you the avatar of mentioned user. userinfo - Gives you the user info about mentioned user. spotify - Shows you what mentioned user is listening to on Spotify. Economy lb - Show the leaderboard. daily - Claim your daily reward. work - Work and get rewarded. slots - Slots, get lucky or unlucky. bal - Shows your balance. pay - Pay mentioned user a cash amount.[DISABLED] Fun 1/2 rps - Get a random rps result. rand - A random color. emojify - Emojify some text with the bot. ascii - Say a message to ascii. dicksize - See your dicksize for the bot(bit buggy). 8ball - Ask the 8ball a question. discrim - Get members with the specified discriminator. advice - Get some good life advice. cat - Shows you a picture of a cat. crab - Gives you a link to crab rave. dog - Shows you a picture of a dog. dice - Roll a dice. Fun 2/2 furry - Shows the percentage of your furryness. gay - Shows the percentage of your gayness. insult - Insults the mentioned user. meme - Shows you a random meme. pat - Pats the mentioned user. thot - Shows the percentage of your thotness. weeb - Shows the percentage of your weebness. Mass massnick - Set the nickname of everyone in the server. massrole+ - Add a role to everyone in the server. massrole- - Remove a role from everyone in the server. massunrole - Remove every role from a user.