Hi, I'm Tux! I'm learning to be a good bot, but I need to figure out how to waddle first.

  • Prefix: -
  • Library: coxir
  • Category: General
About Tux

Tux helps servers with a lot; General administration: Tux can kick mean people, ban the ones that keep coming back, and delete blocks of nasty messages you don't want in your server. Social Profiles; Tux has a book of all his friends, the better friend you are with tux the higher level you'll be in his book, he'll also toss you some Tux coins. Tux is also learning to sing in voice channels. There's so much more Tux can do but he doesn't know where to get started, with your help you can show Tux some cool things he can try to do and maybe he'll figure out how to do it.