A global leveling bot with profile customization, anti-cheat system and gambling commands in the future. It is still in devlopme

  • Prefix: c!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Leveling
About Crystal

Here comes Crystal

Crystal is a brand new bot that is still in devlopment. It includes a perma leveling system that stacks up between servers. It contains profile customization features and an anti-cheat to avoid self-bots, spammers and macros. Here is a list of the actual available features :

  • Leveling system with anti-cheat.
  • Showing profile.
  • Changing profile's background. (Unlockable with levels and credits)
  • Changing profile's title. (Unlockable with levels and credits)
  • Changing profile's biography.
  • Giving credits to someone else.
  • Reputation system.
  • Premium bonuses.
  • A top command to display the most glorious players.
  • Credits gambling.

Features coming soon :

  • More advanced Anti-cheat.
  • Community made backgrounds and titles.

Feel free to send your ideas and features into the main server's suggestion channel, it's the best way to get Crystal beautiful. Thanks for your support.