Clash Recruiter

A recruitment bot for your clan in clash of clans! Evolve your recruitment process!

  • Prefix: CR!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Advertisement
About Clash Recruiter


Introducing Clash Recruiter a free bot to solve your recruiting problems.

What can it do?

✔️ Bump your clan and Alliance to other servers to gain a broader audience.

✔️Showcase your clan in a specified channel and gets updated every 2 minutes!

✔️Check players for any rejections in any Server!

✔️Create interview channels for potential recruits.

✔️Link and search players of in-game!

🗡️Wanna Add it? 🗡️

✔️ I thought so. Here's the link to invite it to your server. <;

🗡️ Where will it advertise? 🗡️

✔️It will advertise in multiple discord servers reaching up to hundreds of users already...pretty cool huh? So why advertise on other social platforms when you can use this one bot to solve all your problems!

🗡️:Need Support? 🗡️

Join us on our support server

Read <; to know how to setup the server