React Music Multi-purpose bot

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Prefix :? / Custom / Mention
Library discord.js

Management meme fun


List of Commands:

================= [ Miscellaneous Commands ]

help - Shows all commands

userinfo - Shows your user info

serverinfo - Shows the server info of the server

botinfo - The bot's info

uptime - Uptime of the bot

ascii - Shows a text in an ascii art format

avatar - Shows yours avatar

github - Shows a github user info

guess - Picks a random number between 1 and 20 and you need to guess it

meme - Shows a random meme

npm - Searches for an npm package

reverse - Reverses a text

roleinfo - Shows a role info

serverbanner - Shows the server banner (if the server has a server banner)


[ Moderation Commands ]

ban - Bans a user from the guild

kick - kicks a user from the guild

purge - Purges messages between 1 and 100


More Commands coming soon....