Dondu - A easy-to-use multi-purpose discord bot

  • Prefix: _
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Leveling
About Dondu


Dondu was made to make it much easy to manage your server With a lot of useful addons e.g. Custom Prefix, Custom Commands and Custom Levelsystem We work on Dondu every time, so please be patient and join the support server to see when we publish new updates

Guild Configuration

Set the prefix, set the levelsystem or create some nice commands


Customize your own levelsystem easy by the levelsystem command. You can set the levelup message, create some levelroles, levelup announce channel and the xp per message


Dondu will help to moderate you server its easy to use they commands e.g. ban or kick Much easier than the Big Bots like Mee6 or Dyno


Edit your profile picture or from another user with Dondu's commands. e.g. wanted or blur