This bot is your way to get success moderated server

  • Prefix: v..
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About Vapor

Vapor bot is new moderation bot . not same to all bot, its different easy to use have much sections, but the popular is moderation 1.Economy: Economy is a funny section which you can play with bot , buy , sell , rob ,, bet . beg, search etc... 2.Leveling: Is a important section ,otherwise it have 2 commands but it tell you how much active is use >, level, top < 3.Moderation: I am here to talk about moderation which is good section, you can be relaxed while vapor bot is moderating your bot, to get a success server, have much commands, EX: ban , mute , warn , snipe , unban , kick , etc... much 4.Premium: not a section but i would to talk about it , you can play with economy commands to gain money to buy premium key from shop , then do v..claim <premium_key> 5.Funny commands: is a good sections which make you unbored while bot is moderating your server!