Moderation and fun commands bot!

  • Prefix: :
  • Library: Discord.Net
  • Category: Moderation
About Bubbly

This bot doesn't run on a free hosting service, It runs on ads I have to watch to keep the bot online, a Bit like charging the bot every 1 - 2 days.

Admins only

bomb: • Clear 100 messages.

:kick • Kick a mentioned person for a reason.

:ban • Ban a mentioned person for a reason.

:mute • Mute a mentioned person.

:unmute • Unmute a mentioned person.

Fun commands

:poop, :fart on, :dab on, :kill, :meme, :flip


:invite • Shows the invite link to add the bot to your server.

:support • Shows the invite to Bubblys support server.

:help • The help list itself.