Deejay Stereo

Music Bot. Reaction Controlled. YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify & more sites Supported. Audio Filters

  • Prefix: ; | custom
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Music
About Deejay Stereo

DEEJAY STEREO - Music like never before

Supported Streaming Platforms YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, vimeo, reverbnation, facebook and discord attachment links also

Reaction Controls 1)⏭️ For skip the current song / playing next track.

2)⏮️ Back to the previous song.

3)⏯️ For pause and play a song.

4)🔊 For volume up.

5)🔉 For volume down.

6)⏪ Seek 10 second backyard

7)⏩ Seek 10 second forward

8)🔁 For loop queue/song/off

9)↩️ Replay the current song

10)🎶 Turn ON/OFF autoplay mode

11)🔀 For shuffle the queue.

12)⏹️ For stop the queue.

Music Commands autoplay, backward, bump, clearqueue, filter, forward, join, jump, lyrics, move, nowplaying, pause, play, previous, queue, remove, repeat, resume, search, seek, shuffle, skip, songinfo, stop, swap, volume, wfilters

Audio Filters bassboost, 8D, vaporwave, nightcore, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, reverse, treble, normalizer, surrounding, pulsator, subboost, karaoke, flanger, gate, haas, mcompand, mono, mstlr, mstrr, compressor, expander, softlimiter, chorus, chorus2d, chorus3d, fadein, names, length, toString, create, define, defineBulk

Utility Commad help, botinfo, botinvite, bugreport, ping, uptime, support, upvote, feedback

Admin Commands (Server Settings) ban, prefix, unban, disable, enable