Cypher is a multi-purpose bot made to help you in many different ways in your servers. Cypher has Moderation, economy and more!

  • Prefix: $ as a default fallback
  • Library:
  • Category: Moderation
About Cypher

About me

Cypher is a moderation, economy and fun bot designed to help you and others look after your server. Cypher was designed with the intention of being a multipurpose bot catered for several needs with features right now such as:

> Over 20 Moderation commands, > A verification system, > Reaction roles, > A level system, > Custom prefixes, with a backup $ prefix if you forget your custom one, > Optional logging,

and more! And of course, if you don't like the levelling system, or maybe you're not a fan of the economy, there is an enable-disable per guild feature too.

Common commands and their usage

[] - Cumpolsory Command Parameters Description
$help [Enter a type here, or nothing to see all the valid inputs] Shows the help command
$lvl - Shows you level
$enable/disable [Enter a type here, or nothing to see all the valid inputs] Enables or disables commands, or whole cogs
$prechange [New prefix] Changes the guild prefix. $ will always be a fallback one
$reg - Used to make your economy account, this must be the first command before any other economy commands will work
$meme [dankmemes, meme or memes] Posts a meme from a random meme subreddit
$texttofile [message] Makes a .txt file with your message inside
$addreaction [Emote][Role to add][Channel ID][Title][Message] Adds a new reaction

Additional information

  • Cypher is always being updated, meaning it will come back with extra commands after every update.
  • In case you need help, we have a support server (In development) which you can come to and ask about.
  • Cypher was originally designed to be a modbot, but we decided to make it a multipurpose bot

So what are you waiting for? Invite Cypher now!