A Discord bot that just made your life a whole lot much easier. Introducing Squared!

  • Prefix: !
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About Squared

H1 What is Squared?

Squared is a multipurpose Discord Bot! Our goal is to limit that amount of bots in a Discord servers.

H1 Why should you add Squared?

Squared has a wide variety of commands and logging features. This bot will make your life a whole lot easier with it's easy setup.

H1 Moderation

We offer a great moderation system to keep your server protected from rules breakers and abusers!

H1 Logging

Squared logs over 18+ events. Using our logging system is completely free, and will always be free. Squared even logs deleted Images, Files, Gifs, and Videos!

H1 Community Interacting

We have tons of community commands. We assure you if you invite Squared, your guild members will never get bored!

H1 Tons more...

Unlike a lot of bots, Squared wants your ideas! We add about 90% of suggestions people give us. We constantly update the bot, and are constantly adding new features.