A simple bot for your Simple servers

  • Prefix: g?
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Utility
About Maidrei


GiveawayPlus is an all new giveaway bot packed with all the necessities a giveaway bot should have [Running 24/7!]



g?help Brings up all of the bots commands

g?invite Brings up the invite link as well as the Support Discord for the bot

g?ping Shows the ping the bot is running on

g?uptime How long has the bot been going without a restart


g?create Guides you through how to create a Giveaway

g?delete Deletes an existing giveaway

g?edit Edit an existing giveaway

g?end Force-end an existing giveaway

g?reroll Rerolls the winner of the giveaway

This is a new giveaway bot in 2020 coming with all different updates and bug fixes. Join the support server for any additional help!