Deejay Radio

A 24*7 Radio Bot. AutoPlay Feature. 27k+ Radio Stations. Reacton Controlled. Server specific customisable.

  • Prefix: ! | customisable
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Music
About Deejay Radio

Deejay Radio - Playing the music you love

Quick start guide: To listen radio join a voice channel then send !play mirchi unplugged You can use station name, or search for one. Type !help for all available Commands.

Autoplay Automatically join a voice channel and start playing when a member join the voice channel.


!autoplay : Shows autoplay status

!autoplay current : Set current queue status as autoplay mode settings

!autoplay disable : Disable autoplay mode

!autoplay enable : enable autoplay mode

!autoplay text-channel : Set the mention channel or the message channel as autoplay text channel

!autoplay voice-channel : Join a voice channel first. Then use this command to set your voice channel as autoplay voice channel

Admin Commands (server settings) To use this command, user must have Administrator permission

!ban : Ban a role from using this bot (the role must be the user Highest role)

!unban : Unban a banned role and allow them to use the bot

!defvolume : Set a default volume , which will be used when staring a new play

!prefix : show the current prefix

!prefix <new prefix> : Set a new prefix for your server

!prefix reset : Reset the prefix back to !

Radio Commands

Music/radio comamnds to control the queue, when playing.

!play <radio station name> : Play a radio stations with the station name

!stop : Stop playing and leave the voice channel

! volume : Set the volume upto 150

!search <station name> : Search for related radio stations witha station name

!search genre <genre name> : Search for radio stations in the provided genre

!search state <state name> : Search for top 40 radio stations of the state

!topstations <country code> : Get top voted 40 radio stations of the country

!mute : Mute and pause playing

!unmute: Unmute and continue playing

Utility Commands

botinfo, botinvite, bugreport, feedback, help, ping, privacy, suggest, support, tos, uptime, upvote

Reaction Controlled Help

🔇 Mute/Unmute the song.

🔉 Volume down 10 %

🔊 Volume up 10 %

⏹ Stop then leave the voice channel