Ticket Bot Ticket Bot is a simple and easy to use bot to provide support to your community

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Library discord.js


Ticket Bot

The easy-to-setup ticket bot that's perfect for any server

How to use

  1. Invite the bot to your server
  2. Type -help into any channel Ticket Bot has access to
  3. Set the logs channel by typing -setlogschannel #channel
  4. Create a ticket by typing -ticket create
  5. Done

Here are Ticket Bots' Commands:

  • Help
    Displays Help menu
  • Invite
    Displays website and invite link
  • Credits
    Displays the Bots' Developer
  • Ticket Create
    Creates a ticket at the top of the channel list
  • Ticket Close
    Closes ticket
  • Setlogschannel
    Sets the channel where Ticket Creation and Ticket Close messages will be broadcasted
  • Prefix
    Changes the prefix for that server
  • Setsupportrole
    Sets the support role given to your support team
  • dmonclose
    Enables or disables Close messages sent to Ticket Creator