A multi purpose bot with unique functions such as AI Moderation Help, Modmail, Confessions, Color commands and a lot more!

  • Prefix: *
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Entertainment
About Tippy

Tippy Discord Bot

Tippy is a very new, multi purpose bot with a few very unique functions.

Description of the commands Tippy has:

AI Moderation - This is a tool especially useful for moderating in bigger servers. When activated, it uses an advanced AI to analyze messages sent by users, it will then create counters for users and log how often they have triggered the AI. The AI can detect toxicity, severe toxicity, insults, profanity, threats, sexually explicit content and flirtatious content. AI Mod will log the last 100 messages that triggered it per category. A moderator can check through these logs per user. You can disable channels on an individual basis, clear users logs and even set notifications for when users trigger the AI a certain amount in a certain time-frame.

Chatbot - This bot also has a built-in chatbot. Keep in mind the chatbot is still a bot and has it's quirks. You can start a conversation with it and have a talk. You can end the conversation at any moment and moderators can disable certain channels from using chatbot.

Confessions - There's a built-in system you can use for confessions. Confessions allow people to confess something and it will be sent to a different channel and displayed anonymously. You can have Tippy generate a pair of confession channels (Input and output), or you can manually set the channels. You can either use an input channel, where every message sent will be seen as a confession, or you can have users submit their confessions through a confess command, or through the bots DMs.

Color commands - Tippy has quite a few color related commands, this includes things such as:

  • Generate up to 30 random colors and display the hex codes, with options to set the hue and brightness.
  • Generate a big grid of random colors with the same above-mentioned options.
  • Get information, a preview, and a generated name based on a hex code.
  • Set the color of any role by hex code, even on mobile!

There's even a command to get the most dominant colors of any submitted image.

Images - There's a big assortment of image commands, things such as birds, cats, foxes, pandas, koalas, dogs, etc. There's also commands to generate an overlay over your or someone else's avatar. Overlays include things such as: Wasted (GTA), triggered, bright, inverted colors, glassy, gray, and gay. You can even generate fake YouTube comments or get a meme from any subreddit. Additionally there's a Google image search command to look up anything you want!

Configuration - Tippy has quite a bit of configuration you can utilize. Some of the things you can configure:

  • A fully customizable prefix
  • Disable commands in channels on an individual basis
  • Disable confessions server-wide
  • Disable confessions through the bots DMs (if you need to moderate them for example)
  • Disable Chatbot in channels and customize where AI Mod will work.

Some other commands - There's loads of other stuff too! You can look up all kinds of random facts, you can poke, hug, cuddle, kiss, etc.. You can even owoify text, snipe deleted or edited messages and do some math. There's also a few commands to look up anime, Pokédex entries, NameMC usernames and even lyrics to any song. (Music commands might be added in the future). If you find a bug there's a command to report it with, or you can submit a feature request if you'd like something added to Tippy.

Add Tippy to your server now and see for yourself what it has to offer!