Inncraft is a free bot which allows you to instantly spin up a Minecraft server through Discord while respecting your privacy.

  • Prefix: inn$
  • Library: Other
  • Category: Advertisement
About inncraft

inncraft - InnCraft is a bot (in very early beta) that allows hosting and editing of a Minecraft server through Discord by Innatical


  • inn$help - This help text
  • inn$about - Info about the bot
  • inn$new - Starts your server
  • inn$stop - Stops your server
  • inn$op - No description
  • inn$deop - No description
  • inn$privacy - No description
  • inn$terms - Displays the Terms of Service
  • inn$gdpr - Displays info about GDPR commands
  • inn$deleteme - Deletes your user profile
  • inn$datacopy - DMs a copy of your world file
  • inn$stats - Displays stats about inncraft

Type inn$help <command> for more info on a command.