Aadit's Hangman Bot

A bot in which you can play Hangman (Aadit's Hangman), and BANISH BOREDOM!

  • Prefix: $
  • Library: discord.py
  • Category: Economy
About Aadit's Hangman Bot


The main command is $start, which starts an AWESOME HANGMAN GAME! Everytime you win a hangman game, you get two coins. To check your balance or another person's balance, type $bal or $bal <member> What can you do with these coins! You can buy stuff obviously! Check out what you can buy by typing $shop! The other commands are just $help and $ping which are straight forward.

Playing Many other ways

There are a few other ways you can play WITHOUT the bot! Firstly, I have develpoed a WEB APP! You play this web app on https://aadits-hangman.herokuapp.com! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! I also created a hangman game using tkinter python (a GUI for python)! You have find this on https://aadits-hangman.herokuapp.com/github! Just do what it says in README.md to play it! Lastly you can join our SUPPORT SERVER for asking questions! If you are still confused, watch our VIDEO!