Gateway; Global Chat For Discord

  • Prefix: g.
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Social
About Gateway

Gateway The simple and easy to use global chat which mimics the functions of a discord channel as best as possible

What can Gateway offer me?

> :clock1: A semi-active chat

> :shield: Helpful and Friendly Staff Team

> :busts_in_silhouette: Friendly Community

What does gateway do to prevent NSFW Content and Spam?

Gateway doesn't allow the sending of images to prevent users sending NSFW Content.

Spamming is prevented using Discord's Built-in channel cool-down. In the event the channel cooldown is removed by a moderator, Gateway has a native cool-down system which automatically changes depending on the activity of the channel, this also prevents the possible rate-limiting of the bot.

If a user is found to have slipped through the Auto-Mod and spammed or sent nsfw content, we have a quick mod team who will take care of the situation.

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Have fun chatting!